Lake Natron National Park

The sight of hundreds of thousands of flamingoes painting the horizon pink across Lake Natron is unmatched, rivalled only by the breathtaking sunrises mirrored on the surface of this shallow, alkaline lake.

Adventurers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience should turn their gaze toward Lake Natron. This secluded destination beckons travelers to immerse themselves in nature beyond the confines of a safari vehicle. Here, they can embrace the wild, whether by embarking on a waterfall hike and feeling the spray, or by getting their hands dirty while scaling an active volcano.

Things to do there

Lake Natron boasts extensive colonies of pink flamingos that flock to its shores, where they nest and lay eggs in the muddy shallows. The sheer numbers of these elegant birds create a spectacle, giving the impression of a pink-hued lake from afar.

In addition to its avian inhabitants, this remote region is also home to a thriving Maasai community. The Maasai people, deeply rooted in their ancient traditions, continue to practice cattle herding and maintain a close connection with their natural surroundings for sustenance. Visitors to the area can witness Maasai men, women, and children adorned in vibrant traditional attire, adorned with intricate handmade jewelry, and showcasing their cultural dances, characterized by impressive vertical leaps.

Lake Natron is truly a place of wonder, distinguished even within Tanzania. Whether one seeks to immerse themselves in the raw power of nature by trekking to the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, engage with the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai through dance, or capture the breathtaking hues of nature amid a swirling flock of flamingos, this destination offers something uniquely captivating for every traveler.

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Interesting Facts about Lake Natron

When searching for photos of Lake Natron, one may frequently encounter images capturing the petrification of birds preserved in the unique natural conditions of the area. These striking works are attributed to the photographer Nick Brandt, renowned for his dedication to capturing the untamed beauty of East Africa’s wilderness. It’s important to note that these scenes are often staged, with birds placed on branches to achieve visually stunning compositions. However, such scenes may not reflect the true essence of Lake Natron. Similarly, aerial photographs depicting the lake’s distinctive red hues are not always representative of what one would observe from ground level.

Where is Lake Natron

Top Activities to Do During Your Stay at Lake Natron Camp


Cool off in any one of the natural plunge pools in front of the accommodation units or dining/bar area. There is also a larger pool suitable for swimming further downstream, where you can also find endemic cichlids. Bring some goggles or ask our team for a pair!

Flamingo Walks

The beguiling lesser flamingo feeds on algae found in soda lakes across eastern Africa but chooses to breed almost exclusively at Lake Natron. Guests can take early morning or sunset walks to the lake flats to observe these stunning birds in their natural habitat.

Bird Watching

The lake flats surrounding the water’s edge contain small streams, lakes, and hills that provide a variety of hospitable environments for birds thriving in the alkali oasis. Enjoy evening or morning walks to the lake, pond, and marsh for bird-watching opportunities.

Hominid Footprints

Walk to hominid footprints within the concession area. New research has now confirmed these trackways to be 120,000 years old, making them the oldest Homo sapiens trackways yet discovered.

Ngare Sero Waterfalls

Let us arrange half or full-day walks up the Engare Sero gorge to several waterfalls. The scenery is a unique blend of arid volcanic rocks and lush tropical palms. Wear shoes that can get wet. Take 1 liter of water and snacks.

Ngare Sero Source Adventure Hike

A full day hiking deep into the Ngare Sero gorge to see the source of the river. A picnic lunch is taken, and at least 3 liters of water are required. This hike is a great alternative to climbing Lengai if the Lengai ascent is deemed not hikable.

The Rift Valley Day Hike

This adventurous hike (6 hours, 10 km) leaves at dawn from the camp and includes a transfer to the base of the Rift Valley wall. Scale the wall on foot, ascending close to the Ngare Sero gorge to enjoy the dawn. A picnic breakfast is taken along, and once on top, this is the perfect place to enjoy being in one of the most dramatic viewpoints in the region. After breakfast, descend back down another route, or select the same way depending on time.

Sundowner with a View

Take a 10-minute drive to the top of a nearby hill. Enjoy your sundowner overlooking Lake Natron, the majestic Lengai and Gelai mountains, and watch the sun go down behind the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley.

Maasai Boma Visit

This part of the Great Rift Valley is populated by the Maasai people. Maasai bomas spread around the area, but the main central village is a few kilometers away to the west at the base of the escarpment. The village is named Engare Sero, which means dappled water, named after the river flowing out of the escarpment through a spectacular gorge.

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