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We love high adventure and we love hands-on global outreach!


Our name Safaris With A Heart says it all.


Solos, couples, families; company group adventures; Educational, Medical, Religious Mission and Sports Outreach: Should you be looking for an ultimate travel adventure, let us show you how we create personalized adventure safaris, Kilimanjaro mountain hikes and cultural immersion experiences AND how we generously redirect company income to fund Tanzanian charitable causes on your behalf.


Foundations and non-profit 501c3 Organizations: Should you be looking to fund an American cause, we generously fund charities and foundations through group adventure travel. Let us show you how we create personalized adventure safaris and Kilimanjaro mountain hikes for your group AND how we generously redirect company income to fund your American cause. Depending on group size and number of adventure travel groups … thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars can come your way. While in Tanzania we will create a special Tanzanian cultural immersion experience which will profoundly resonate with your group.


With adherence to our responsible/ethical tourism practices, we are the ultimate blend of travelling-with-a-purpose in which everyone leaves the country better because they were there.



Lynn Foulke


Lynn’s professional background includes the top C-level position for a large US real estate company where she worked for nearly 30 years.  She began her Tanzanian travel and charity work in 2011. 


Upon reaching the crater rim of Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time she exclaimed “this was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I will be back.” She immediately fell in love with the country and its people and thus began her quest to bring this incredible experience to others while embettering the lives of the people and communities of the desperately poor. 


Since 2011 she has invited thousands and has personally accompanied hundreds in enjoying the splendors of Tanzania. She has trekked Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341’) eight times and Mount Meru (14,968’) once, even trekking both mountains consecutively.

Phone: +1 612-382-5322

Email: lynn@safariswithaheart.com

Roger Kaimukilwa


Roger’s family has been in the Tanzanian tourism business for over 50 years. His father was a Tanzanian National Park safari guide for 35 years before establishing a family owned mountain tour company. Roger began his tourism career over 15 years ago on Mount Kilimanjaro as a porter and mountain guide.  From this early experience he boasts over 50 summits. Later Roger became a safari tour guide and then a safari tour owner/operator. Roger has personally accompanied thousands in enjoying the splendors of Tanzania. In addition to managing all client safari and mountain tours, he is the lead manager for Safaris With A Heart charity projects.

Phone: +255 754 853 391

Email: roger@safariswithaheart.com

Roger, you are the man! And Lynn, what an awesome trip

Since first introduced to the wonders and challenges of Tanzania, Lynn Foulke has demonstrated the power of applying ourselves to a task or mission with all of our heart.

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