Is traveling within Tanzania safe?

Excellent question. Your safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance.


What we can tell you is that Tanzania is a peaceful country. We invite you to visit the United States Secretary of State website at Here you will see that Tanzania has the same travel advisory level as most of Europe, South Africa and Uganda.  In addition, it is helpful to know:


  • Each day of your travel within the country of Tanzania will be accompanied by one of the owners of Safaris With A Heart or a trusted guide who speaks excellent English.  
  • The safari vehicle that you travel within to the National Parks will not be an open-air vehicle.  It will be a custom-fitted 4×4 Toyota land-cruiser with a pop-up top for animal viewing. All vehicles are fully registered and well-maintained with proper emergency equipment and spare parts.  
  • Our safari and mountain guides are well-experienced – most with a decade or more of on the job training.
  • We provide you with safety and preparedness information necessary for travel within a developing nation including understanding cultural differences; information on vaccinations, immunizations, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications; and a list of clothing and essentials to bring with you on safari.
  • For Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru we recommend that you consult with your physician regarding medical concerns and appropriateness for you to partake in a high-altitude endurance event. We also provide you with information regarding high-altitude risks, appropriate gear, and physical/psychological preparedness.  Each trekking group is equipped with an oximeter, first aid kit, and emergency oxygen.
  • We provide Flying Doctors Insurance for every traveler which will evacuate you from any place within Tanzania should there be an unexpected medical emergency.

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