Exceptional Service

What makes us EXCEPTIONAL?

Exceptional Safaries” is the name of our Tanzanian Safari Company which specializes in National Park animal photo safaris.


“Exceptional Mountain Tours” is the name of our Tanzanian Mountain Tour company which specializes in Mount Kilimanjaro (19,391’) and Mount Meru (14,968’) day hikes as well as 4 to 10-day high-altitude endurance hikes.

Exceptional Service Requires Exceptional Standards…

  • To ensure that we are accountable to our clients and to the Tanzanian government, both of our tour companies are certified by The Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB).
  • We take the time to get to know our clients. It is with this insight that we create personalized safaris and cultural immersion experiences.
  • We don’t set any rules for your desired experience. You tell us what you might like to do, how many days you wish to travel and your budget range and we will create your personalized tour.
  • Our expert safari and mountain guide crews will happily explain all that you will see. All guides are multi-lingual and speak excellent English.
  • We use ONLY custom made 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers with a large overhead Pop-Up Roof for animal photo viewing.
  • For your personal comfort and enjoyment, we provide ONLY well-maintained, clean, and air-conditioned Toyota Land Cruisers.  We emphasize the term “well-maintained” as we have had to rescue stranded vehicles near the Serengeti. Here clients were standing outside of their broken-down cruisers which is an extremely unsafe situation.  In this remote area there is no cell phone service and the drivers were just waiting for another tour operator to “happen upon them” for help.  We of course offered our assistance to get them on their way.  Their clients promptly took photos of our cruisers so they could remember who had come their rescue.
  • For mountain tours, we do not cut corners or cheat our crew.  We are a highly reputable mountain tour company which pays our mountain guides and crew the actual government stated salary. We do this not only because it is the right thing to do but also to ensure that we can hire highly qualified individuals who will go the extra mile to provide our clients with an exceptional mountain experience.
  • For our mountain tours, we use only North Face Mountain Series 4-season tents because of their exceptional durability and ability to keep our clients dry and out of the wind.
  • In the unlikely event of a serious injury we supply all clients with Flying Doctors Insurance which will evacuate you from any point within Tanzania.

We promise you a “Trip of a Lifetime” however we know there is a high chance that you may fall in love with the country, the people and the experiences and you may wish to return and to refer others.  That is just the way it works when you travel with Safaris With A Heart.  We welcome you with open arms!

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