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Our classic Kilimanjaro adventures are precisely what most climbers seek. Combining exceptional comfort with top-tier safety standards, our classic hikes offer an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, making them the preferred choice among our clients.

Included in this climbing package are all the essentials for a successful hike: our seasoned mountain crews, high-quality group equipment, and nutritionist-designed meals. Safety is paramount, with only guides holding Wilderness First Responder certification leading expeditions. Additional safety measures encompass the provision of oxygen cylinders, comprehensive medical kits, and mandatory twice-daily medical check-ups.

To keep loved ones informed, the progress of each trekking party is tracked using GPS devices, allowing for real-time monitoring via a shareable link.

Both before and after the adventure, you’ll be accommodated in fine hotels with attentive staff, hot water, reliable Wi-Fi, restaurants, and swimming pools.

5-DAY CLIMBING (+ 2 days in a hotel)

8-DAY CLIMBING (+ 2 days in a hotel)

10-DAY CLIMBING (+ 2 days in a hotel)

Climbing Cost Includes

Our Kilimanjaro packages include all outlined transfers for your convenience. Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro, our professional drivers will greet you with a spacious and comfortable vehicle, ensuring a smooth transition to your hotel. Our vehicles, equipped with ample luggage space, provide complimentary bottled water, Wi-Fi hotspots, and wet wipes for added comfort during your journey. Rest assured, our fleet undergoes regular maintenance by our dedicated team of technicians.

Our experienced drivers, fluent in English, will accompany you throughout your journey. For the transfer to the trailhead of your climbing adventure, we utilize reliable Toyota Hiace or Coaster vehicles, specifically designed to navigate wilderness terrain en route to Mount Kilimanjaro. Your safety and comfort remain our top priority.

Upon completion of your adventure, we’ll arrange your return transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport, ensuring a hassle-free conclusion to your trip. With our comprehensive transportation package, you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

The night before your climb and the night following your descent, you will be accommodated in a comfortable 3-star hotel in the Moshi Town area. By default, accommodation is in a shared double occupancy room, unless you opt for a single supplement. Our preferred options are Aishi Machame Hotel and Brubru Lodge, both owned and operated by our company. In the rare event that these options are unavailable, we will ensure an alternative property of similar comfort and service level.

Your hotel provides essential amenities such as professional staff, a restaurant, a swimming pool, comfortable rooms with mosquito nets, laundry service, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Aishi Machame Hotel, nestled in a serene rural neighborhood, offers a tranquil atmosphere, with wildlife sightings often observed from the restaurant terrace during breakfast. Our office and gear store are conveniently located here.

Alternatively, Brubru Lodge, situated in the quieter area of Moshi known as Shanty Town, provides easy access to local cafes, shops, and nightlife, ideal for those who prefer a closer proximity to city life. If you require gear for your climb, our managers will facilitate its delivery to Brubru Lodge for your convenience.

Our packages typically include bed and breakfast, with options to upgrade to half-board or full-board at an additional cost. Please note that accommodation is shared with your travel companion or a same-sex traveler if you’re solo. If you prefer a single room, kindly request a single supplement in advance to secure availability.

On the day before your climb, our managers will conduct an orientation briefing at your hotel, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your Kilimanjaro adventure. Our transportation will then pick you up for the start of your journey.

At Safari With A Heart, we offer Kilimanjaro adventures equipped with all the essential amenities for a safe and comfortable camping experience.

Our durable Kilimanjaro tents, meticulously designed by US-based engineers, are built to withstand strong winds and heavy rains, making them ideal for the ever-changing equatorial weather conditions. These 4-season tents offer a cozy atmosphere inside, with easy-to-open entrances that provide a comfortable buffer zone. You can rest assured that your much-needed sleep will not be disturbed by the elements.

As of today, these tents are unequivocally the best choice for your Kilimanjaro adventure, and Safari With A Heart is the exclusive provider of this top-quality equipment.

Please note that, by default, you will share a tent with your travel companion or another same-sex co-hiker (unless a private hike is arranged). Although designed for three people, each tent accommodates only two hikers on our adventures. Single supplements are available for an additional charge. Feel free to contact your manager for further details.

At Safari With A Heart, our mountain chefs and waiters are dedicated to preparing and serving delicious and energy-rich meals throughout your adventure. Our menu is carefully crafted in consultation with professional dietitians to ensure it meets the nutritional needs of hikers while satisfying their taste buds.

We understand that everyone has unique dietary requirements, which is why we offer a variety of meal plans, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and more, at no additional cost. Simply inform your manager, and our mountain chef will cater to your specific needs.

For breakfast, expect a hearty meal including porridge, eggs, sausages, sweet potato, local-style spinach (“mchicha”), and coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner feature a variety of soups, salads, stews, main dishes with chicken, beef, or fish, served with tasty sauces and fresh local fruits for dessert.

On your adventure with Safari With A Heart, you’ll be guided by our exceptional Kilimanjaro mountain guides.

Extensive Experience: Each guide possesses a minimum of seven years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s terrain, flora, and fauna. They’ve led remarkable expeditions and adventures on the mountain, including notable events like Wings of Kilimanjaro and Red Bull’s Kilimanjaro wingsuit BASE jump. Many of our guides participated in the high-speed Kilimanjaro ascent of Nimsdai (Nirmal Purja), as featured in the Netflix Documentary “14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible”.

Wilderness First Responder Certification: Rest assured, your safety is our priority. All our mountain guides hold Wilderness First Responder certifications, demonstrating their preparedness to respond to any emergencies in the wilderness. This certification, administered by the independent USA-based organization Wilderness Medical Associates, is a prerequisite for leading expeditions in our company.

Engaging Storytelling: Our guides are not just experts in mountain craft but also skilled storytellers. They’ll entertain you with captivating Kilimanjaro legends and tales while educating you about the local flora, fauna, and history. If you’re curious about local culture, lifestyle, and customs, our guides are a wealth of information.

Dedicated Support Team: Behind our guides, a dedicated support team of porters, camp managers, and crew members ensures a seamless experience. From pitching up camp to preparing nutritious meals, our team attends to every detail, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

Well-Cared-For Crew: Safari With A Heart takes pride in providing the highest salaries to our mountain crews in the Tanzanian tourism industry. Each member of the expedition team has an individual bank account to ensure transparent and accountable salary payouts. Our commitment to caring for our crews has earned us daily positive reviews and the reputation as the leading Kilimanjaro trekking company on TripAdvisor.

Ethical Treatment: As a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), Safari With A Heart advocates for the fair treatment of porters working on Kilimanjaro. Our KPAP certification signifies our dedication to ethical practices and providing a safe and comfortable working environment for our porters.

At Safari With A Heart, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our climbers by providing bottled oxygen supplies for each expedition. Our experienced guides use oxygen to facilitate high-altitude acclimatization and prevent acute mountain sickness (AMS). As soon as signs of AMS appear, our guides administer bottled oxygen to stabilize oxygen saturation levels, allowing climbers to continue their journey comfortably.

We maintain ample oxygen supplies and, in the rare event of a crisis requiring additional oxygen, our multiple Safari With A Heart teams stationed across different camps are ready to assist and share resources. With our significant presence on Kilimanjaro, operating 15% of all global expeditions, we ensure swift delivery from our climbing base, typically within six hours.

While some companies claim to provide oxygen bottles, our approach sets us apart. Safari With A Heart utilizes bottled oxygen as a proactive AMS prevention technique, rather than a last-resort remedy. This strategy results in smoother acclimatization, fewer AMS cases, and a successful Kilimanjaro experience for our climbers.

Each expedition organized by Safari With A Heart is equipped with a reliable GPS tracking device, enabling real-time tracking of our Kilimanjaro teams. Beyond its primary function as a safety protocol, the GPS links offer peace of mind for your loved ones, allowing them to track the progress of the hikers from the comfort of their homes.

On the morning your Kilimanjaro expedition commences, our adventure consultant will provide you with a QR code that can be scanned to generate a GPS link. Additionally, this link will be accessible through your personal account on Safari With A Heart’s Trip Board platform.

Safari With A Heart’s Kilimanjaro trips are fully inclusive of all park fees that every Kilimanjaro hiker is liable to pay. This encompasses camping and conservation fees, rescue fee, crew fee, forest fee (on certain routes), and other necessary payments. These fees constitute approximately half of the total price and are a contributing factor to why Mt Kilimanjaro hiking tours are relatively more expensive compared to other popular destinations.

As a law-abiding and transparent company, Safari With A Heart fulfills all tax obligations in Tanzania, including VAT (18%), corporate income taxes (30%), labor-related levies and duties, licensing fees, and social security deductions for our employees, all of whom are officially employed by Safari With A Heart. We take pride in being among the few travel companies in Tanzania to adhere to these standards.

The taxes we contribute are allocated towards improving the lives of local communities.

When you book with Safari With A Heart, your tour will be in the good hands of  dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring that your tour is an amazing experience. Our team includes experts in reservation, transfer planning, expeditions, customer experience, logistics, and other areas, each responsible for their specific role in the process. We also have large hotel, store-keeping, transfer, and other teams, whose contribution is essential and always available. They work together seamlessly to ensure that every aspect of your tour is carefully planned and executed to the highest standard.

The travel consultants team is available to assist you 24/7. You can easily reach out to your manager through various channels such as messengers, email, phone, or any other convenient method. We are always here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have, and our support team works across different time zones.

We understand that some things you bring with you to Tanzania won’t be necessary for your Kilimanjaro climb, such as suitcases, clothes for safari or other parts of your trip, laptops, gadgets, and documents. We recommend that you take only what’s truly essential for your expedition to the mountain and leave fragile or easily stainable items at our storage facilities or in a safe room.

The use of a storage room and a safe room is completely free of charge.

To give you peace of mind while you enjoy the wonders of Kilimanjaro, we have built a secure storage facility where you can safely leave all your suitcases and handbags. The facility is dry, well-ventilated, and only accessible to Safari With A Heart staff.

For items that require special handling, such as cash, jewelry, passports, gadgets, and other valuables, Safari With A Heart offers space in our safe room. This room is under 24/7 video surveillance and protected by armed guards. It features a fire-proof door with a 120-minute fire resistance rating, 10-inch brick walls, and a highly sensitive alarm system.

You won’t need any cash on Kilimanjaro as there are no shops, vending machines, or other places where one can spend money. The Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Development Plan strictly prohibits the construction of any commercial facilities on the park’s premises.

The small souvenir shop at Mweka Gate, which is the exit point for most of the trails, is the only place to buy souvenirs in the vicinity of Kilimanjaro. Local artisans sell their wares there, and it may be interesting for some of the hikers. However, we recommend bringing no more than $100 as the larger and more interesting souvenir shops are located in Arusha. If you’re planning to spend more, we suggest visiting those shops instead, as they offer a better selection and prices.

If you want to deposit your valuables in our care, you will need to itemize them and fill in a special form. If you leave cash with us, we will use a cash counter machine to help you count the money. You’ll get a receipt, listing the cash left in our care. You will sign it, and we will have it sealed together in your presence.

At Safari With A Heart, we take pride in offering environmentally friendly treks. Our goal is to leave Kilimanjaro cleaner after every expedition. To achieve this goal, we assign a special team to ensure that our climbing crew and customers leave no waste on the mountain. This team also collects any waste left by litterbugs from other groups on the trek, so we can keep Kilimanjaro looking as pristine as it did during the times of Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller, who are credited with being the first Europeans to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We are committed to minimizing the use of plastic in our expeditions whenever possible. For instance, the packaging for the lunchboxes on the first day of your trip (hot lunch is provided on all other days) is compostable. We source our packaging from Vegware, a leading UK-based provider of food packaging with a strong environmental focus.

When you choose Safari With A Heart for your trip, you’re making a meaningful contribution to local communities in Kilimanjaro. We’re committed to sustainability and allocate a part of our profits to social responsibility initiatives. Our efforts include:

  • We support children from marginalized communities and individuals with disabilities in accessing education
  • We support by constructing homes for disabled individuals and those in need
  • Renovating schools and providing educational materials in  MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Monduli.
  • We provide boots for guides and porters on Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • We support sports programs in remote schools.

These initiatives create positive change, and your participation directly contributes to these efforts. Learn more about our social responsibility initiatives on our website

  • Portable toilet.

Climbing Cost Excludes

Our Kilimanjaro packages don’t include international flights. You’ll be responsible for covering those costs separately. Feel free to contact the co-founder of Safari With a Heart to get recommendations about the airlines operating flights to Tanzania.

Tipping your climbing crew is a common practice in mountain hiking worldwide. Safari With A Heart, we encourage our clients to tip their mountain crews if they meet your expectations. A suggested amount is USD 350- 450 per participant.

Travel insurance is not included in our climbing packages. For our Kilimanjaro and Meru hiking adventures, all participants are required to have travel insurance that covers trekking to altitudes of up to 6000 meters and a helicopter evacuation. Since the requirements and costs of insurance vary across different countries, please contact your insurance provider to make sure that those requirements are covered, and find out about the exact costs.


When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you’ll require personal gear like hiking boots, sleeping bags, trekking pants, thermals, and trekking poles. View the full list here.

At Safari With A Heart, our gear rental shop stands out as the sole rental facility on Kilimanjaro where climbers can rent all necessary equipment for their adventure. Our gear, sourced from top brands to ensure quality and reliability.

If you plan to rent gear from us, simply provide a list of your requirements in your Safari With A Heart account, and we’ll have everything ready for you prior to your arrival in Tanzania.

For most nationals, obtaining a one-time, single-entry 90-day visa for Tanzania typically costs USD 50. However, USA nationals are required to pay $100 for a multi-entry visa. For further information regarding Tanzania visa rules and requirements, feel free to reach out to our travel advisors at Safari With A Heart.


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