Why Safaris With a Heart

  • We have a very special and unique offering. We are not aware of any other Tanzanian tour company who generously redirects company income in support of American and Tanzanian charitable causes.  Others may ask for charitable donations however they do not self-fund projects.


  • We not only arrange the travel and custom design the cultural immersion experiences, but we personally meet or speak with travelers on several occasions to prepare them for their adventure. Roger travels to the United States each spring and fall to talk to the people who will be traveling.  In so doing, each traveler is immediately comfortable with whom will be responsible for their care, safety, comfort and pleasure in Tanzania.  According to one traveler, Roger quickly became a “friend for life.”


  • We are the whole package. Roger and I founded and own and operate Safaris With A Heart here in the US and we founded and own and operate our safari company, mountain tour company and non-profit company in Tanzania. There are no middle-entities and we do not hand our travelers over to other companies hoping their care will be up to our standards. We work with each traveler individually therefore any question or concern can be immediately addressed on the spot.


  • The integrity of our charitable global outreach is exemplary. We kindly ask that you read our 18 points detailed within our Charity Code of Ethics.  This can be found under our “Charity Programs