Cultural Immersion

Safaris With A Heart loves to customize and personalize cultural immersion experiences. Such was the circumstance with a very special family of 5 whom we had the pleasure of working within July of 2018.  


Both parents had traveled with us 4 years prior and now they were back to enjoy this experience with their 3 teenage children.  



Their youngest child Mary was earning her Girl Scout Silver Award and Safaris With A Heart was honored when we were was asked to help Mary carry out her project. This family came to Tanzania with 250 pounds (10 duffle bags) of donated items which was collected from their local community back in Minnesota. Mary had collected 105 pairs of soccer shoes; 15 basketball court shoes and basketballs; 65 soccer balls; and 100 string backpacks, 100 pairs of sport socks and toothbrushes.

Before the family headed out to the National Parks and to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, over the course of several days Roger brought this family to over a dozen Arusha, Tanzania primary and secondary schools. To fully experience the gratitude of the teachers and the children and to know specifically whom received their gifts, each member of this family personally distributed all items.  A big Thank You to Mary and her family for their generosity!

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