Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park stands out as an easily accessible destination, providing guests with unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in nature.

While most national parks in Tanzania strictly prohibit leaving your game drive vehicle outside of designated areas such as campsites and lodges, Arusha National Park presents a unique opportunity for guided walks accompanied by armed rangers. This allows visitors to delve into the African montane forest on foot, encountering a rich diversity of wildlife and bird species for an unparalleled experience.

A perfect spot for a walking safari

The moment you first lay eyes on the rusty brown hues of a bushbuck standing gracefully in the grass mere meters from your walking path is truly magical. In Arusha National Park, such encounters are not uncommon, and you may even find yourself in the presence of a herd of buffalo grazing just 20-30 meters away. Despite their imposing size, weighing as much as a ton, these magnificent animals pose no threat when accompanied by experienced rangers. As you traverse the mountain woods, you may also catch glimpses of giraffes, elephants, various antelopes, and if you’re lucky, the elusive leopard, leaving you with indelible memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Visitors have the flexibility to choose the duration and difficulty of their walking route. Starting across a plain where zebras roam and cape buffaloes graze in the distance, the walk gradually progresses towards the forest at the base of Mount Meru. Here, encounters with giraffes gracefully munching on acacia trees are a common sight. The walk culminates at the breathtaking Ulyulyusya waterfall, where the cascading waters flow directly from the mountain, providing a serene finale to your adventure.

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Interesting Facts about Arusha National Park

Though relatively small in size, Arusha National Park boasts a wealth of attractions that captivate visitors. The park is renowned for its scenic wonders, including the mesmerizing Arusha Waterfall and the Ngurdoto Crater. Spanning just three kilometers in diameter, Ngurdoto Crater bears a striking resemblance to the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, earning it the affectionate nickname of “Ngorongoro’s younger brother” among locals. The Momella Lakes offer a unique experience, inviting visitors to explore their tranquil waters by canoe and providing an up-close encounter with the vibrant pink flamingoes that inhabit the shallows.

Dominating the park’s landscape is the majestic Mount Meru, a dormant volcano soaring to an impressive height of 4,566 meters. As the fifth-highest peak on the African continent, Mount Meru presents a formidable challenge for climbers and serves as an ideal training ground for those preparing to conquer nearby Mount Kilimanjaro.

Where is Arusha National Park

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